Storage Tanks Manufacturing

NAWA works with foreign Partners Companies as a storage tank manufacturer and exporter, has been manufacturing and installing a complete line of steel storage tanks for crude oil, drinking water, fire water, fuel, diesel, gasoline, chemical, etc. We service storage tank companies and ultimate consumers a variety of industries, including petroleum, chemical, firefighting, metallurgy, transportation, agricultural, as well as municipal construction and national defense.

Until now, thanks to our professional technicians, sharp-sighted purchasing staff, hardworking overseas sales team, thoughtful and conscientious steel processing service, NAWA has gained a high reputation in this field in Iraq and Turkey and our storage tank has already export to all cities.

What we do

• Construct a single storage tank or a complete storage tank farm.
• Custom design or manufacture as per your drawing, with capacity over 30,000 gallons.
• Design and construct your storage tank in carbon steel or stainless steel, according to API650, API620, AWWA, etc.
• Construction method can be selected according to your storage tank specification, traditional method or jacking method.
• Storage tank per-process service, like steel cutting, rolling, beveling. Maximum thickness is 100mm, maximum work piece diameter is 10m, maximum work piece length is 20m, the maximum lifting capacity is 200 tons.
• Provide a complete storage tank service, including site clearing/grading, foundations, insulation, painting/linings, cathodic protection, instrumentation and more.


High quality——High quality storage tank can not only bring you a longer service life and lower investment costs, but also allows us to have a better reputation among our customers, which is more important for us in commercial competition. We deeply understand it, thus we regard quality as the root of enterprise survival. From a bolt, a piece of steel plate, to a complete storage, every product produced from NAWA must undergo a rigorous quality inspection before hand over to our customer.

Competitive price——advanced equipment can not only shorten the production cycle and increase productivity for us, but also offer you a competitive price, which is more important for you.

On time, every time——With unique geographical advantages between Turkey and Iraq in addition to our Nawa Workshops and Warehouses in the center and south of Iraq, we ensure your storage tank will be delivered on time, every time.

Perfect after-sale services——The moment the tank was built, our service was not over yet. Our after-sale service is also excellent among the colleagues. If you have any problems in the use of your storage tank, you can contact us at any time, we will mobilize a crew to repair or maintain your storage tank on time.

Fuel Storage Tank

We are the leading manufacturer in the production of professional, reliable, and turn-key fuel storage tank that is accordance with various of countries, states, and regions regulations. No matter what specifications of bulk fuel storage tanks you need for the storage of gasoline, diesel, ethanol, or oil, we can provide you with the most efficient, cost-friendly, suitable and brilliant solutions for your own fuel storage tanks. Each fuel storage tank we sell is custom-built by our certificated and experienced engineers and field crews with our advanced on-site manufacturing equipments.

Every fuel storage tank we fabricate can comply with the Steel Tank Institute’s specification, as well as the standards single-wall UL 142 and F921 double-wall. Custom exterior painting and interior linings can be provided particularly. What’s more, other relevant accessories and options are also available.

Diesel Storage Tank Regulations

For the purpose of environmental protection and safety in use, aboveground diesel storage tank regulations focus on preventing, controlling and cleaning up the accidental leakage. In some countries and regions, diesel storage tank needs to meet the local regulatory requirements.

We can install your storage tank with all accessories and equipments to fit your specific needs. We provide a wide range of accessories for you to choose from - pumps, valves, vents, nozzles, gauges, stairs, platforms. Inspection systems and fire protection system is also available.

Gasoline Storage Tanks

Gasoline is one of the most important fuels used by human beings, it is widely used for home as life fuel, for farms to drive agricultural machinery operation, certainly , also for transportation industry, one of the most widely used areas of diesel. As there are so many fields to use gasoline, that the bulk gasoline storage tanks demand is growing.

We understand this need and over the last decades of years we are constantly manufacturing the gasoline storage tanks larger and larger. Until today, our gasoline storage tanks have came in a various of capacities. Whether you want a 30,000 gallons or 30,000,000gallons gasoline storage tank, we can manufacture it for you with a wide range of specifications. And all of the tanks are made of high quality steel for a long service life. In addition, every gasoline storage tank can be built as the following options: UL 142 for single wall, standard gasoline storage tanks for API standard, or custom gasoline storage tanks for your own spec. If you wan to store a multiple products, we also can compartment the tank by setting a single or double bulkhead divider. The larger custom gasoline storage tanks are also available.

Above Ground Gasoline Storage Tanks

Compared with underground gasoline storage tanks, above ground storage tanks have more advantages. As its name implies, an above ground storage tank is installed upon the ground, so it can have a larger volume to meet the storage requirements of bulk gasoline, while the construction technology is more simple and convenient, which can reduce the construction budget. What’s more, increasing lows and regulations for environmental protection make us have to pay more attention on the oil storage safety, instead of underground storage, aboveground gasoline storage tank can help avoid the potential that the stored oil leak into the land.

Our aboveground gasoline storage tanks capacity can up to 30,000,000 gallons, whether you used for farms or gas station, we can provide you a wide range of specifications to meet your use requirements.

Internal Floating Roof Gasoline Storage Tanks

Generally, gasoline storage tanks adopt the form of internal floating roof tanks, whose safety performance is relatively higher. As its name implies, the floating roof of a floating roof tank floats upon the liquid level and up or down with the liquid level. This can greatly reduce the evaporation of gasoline and thus avoids the danger of explosion.

As a professional storage tank manufacturer, we can provide high quality custom internal floating roof tank, and a set of floating roof tank accessories like pumps, seals, vents and floating roof are also available.

Crude Oil Storage Tanks

A crude oil storage tank is a container for storing crude oil or other petroleum products, usually can be found in refineries, oil fields, oil depots, and other industries.

Custom Crude oil storage tanks design for Various of Types

At present, 100,000 m³ crude oil storage tanks are the main container to storage crude oil all over the world. Storage tanks should not be built on the foundation with different hardness, or within the impact range of active geological fault zone. For some crude oil storage tanks with high wax content, the seal gland should be designed with a variety of foundations including rainproof, wax scraping, secondary seal, etc. The bottom of crude oil tank is always deposited with a certain thickness of salt water, when storing heavy, high sulfur content and acid value oil, anti-corrosion requirements higher. For large oil storage tank with huge reserves and severe corrosion, the importance of design and set anti-corrosion system is self-evident.

Chemical Storage Tank

Chemical storage tanks are the containers manufactured to store various chemicals. Great consideration should be given to the storage tanks for chemicals, such as properties, hazards and applications, etc. Due to the different features of chemicals, chemical storage tank is required to be designed and made of specific materials that is not only resistant to the chemicals, but also won’t be affected by the extreme and complex surroundings, such as heat, cold, pressure, etc.

Various applications of chemical storage tanks

Chemical storage tank has a number of applications for commercial, agricultural and industrial use. Chemical storage tanks are widely used in agro-industry to store pesticide, fertilizers, nutrition in agricultural industry. It is strong enough to withstand extreme pressure and temperature. The smooth and coated inside exposes no harm and is compatible with the carried liquids. In construction site, chemical storage tanks are applied to store concrete and masonry chemical admixtures.

Double-wall design of chemical storage tank

We are able to manufacture chemical tank of double-skin design, which is to ensure the safety of the chemical liquids. Once the inner wall is subjected to leakage or damage, the secondary wall can protect the chemicals from leaking and reduce the potential risk of chemical liquids contaminating the environment. Thus, the unique design guarantees a more efficient and eco-friendly working performance of the storage tanks.

Polyethylene coatings for chemical storage tanks

One of the biggest challenge for chemical storage tank is its ability to resist corrosion. We design polyethylene coating as the effective method to protect its tanks from being affected. Polyethylene coating is able to stabilize the ultra-violet and reduce the effect of photo-oxidation. Beside, it is a good electrical insulator and of low thermal conductivity, which largely reduces the rate of chemical reaction.

Custom Storage Tank

When you choose us for your custom storage tank, you will benefit form our decades of experiences and true specialist in custom storage tank fabrication, and will receive the best storage solution that is compatible with both your site condition and budget. Whether you need a floating roof tank, fixed roof tank, or dome roof tank for the applications of petroleum, chemical, water treatment, or other special requirements, we are ready to partner closely with you to provide custom storage tank services for one-stop turn-key project, ranging from design, raw material purchase, steel plate pre-process, to field construction, accessories installation, debugging, and after-sale service.

Custom Storage Tank Design

Engaging in storage tank design and manufacture for decades of years, we have attracted and gathered multiple of outstanding technical elite and excellent technical engineers, who is from the famous petrochemical equipment research and manufacturing units, and have engaged in the research, design and manufacture of large steel storage tanks for many years to take carefully to design your storage tank that can meet your own condition. So that we take pride in telling our customers that each of our custom storage tank is designed right for you.

Custom storage tank manufacture

We are famous for our cost-effective OEM and turn-key project, we can process your storage tank as per your drawing or custom designed drawing for above ground tank, floating roof tank, fixed roof tank, crude oil tanks, chemical tank, water tank, etc. All tanks we build can meet various of standards like API650, GB50341, BS2654, JIS B8501, etc.

In our modern factory, a team of professional engineers adopt the most advanced numerical control plasma cutting machine for steel plate cutting, CNC steel plate rolling machine for plate rolling and hydraulic press brake machine for heavy plate rolling. We are proud to progress together with our customers, and we are constantly fabricating high quality storage tanks for giving our customer more than competitors, durable, strong stability and unique competitive advantage.

Custom storage tank installation

Installation is the last but most critical link for a storage tank project, more than twenty years of large custom storage tanks field construction experiences make us clearly understand the potential weaknesses of every link in the storage tank installation process, and we will build in safeguards from lay the foundation to the tank welding, from the accessories installation to the tank painting.