Who We Are

NAWA Company has a long history of pioneering innovation and services are of the best known and most trusted in the oil & gas industry. Being a well experienced company, we are providing the fabrication, mechanical & electrical engineering support and supplying services which are concerned with it in Iraq.

NAWA Company also provide the total support services of oil storage tank manufacturing, pipe fabrication services according to the international slandered and guidelines. We are suppliers and installer of storage tanks, steel structures.

NAWA Company specialized in supplying, installation and maintenance of the storage tanks, cooling system in storage tanks; we follow the standards for the designing, installation and maintenance of any kind of steel structure. We have qualified team for the installation of the Power plant for oil and gas, Boilers, Auxiliary structure, Refineries, gas extraction Plant LPG, Petrochemical, fuel farm facilities for crude storage, fire fighting system, filling station (oil & gas), pumping station (Water).

Nawa Company deals in insulation & Coating, piping, fabrication, welding, Pipe PVC, wrapping, stainless steel laying, pipeline coating and lining, heavy equipment, process equipment, structural steel, tank coating and lining, Specialized equipment restoration, any blasting and coating restoration projects, plant Construction, plant shifting and installation, supplying and installation all their accessories. Cylindrical tanks, construction of foundation, insulation of pipelines, plants and vessels with rockwool.

At NAWA our fundamental responsibility is discovering, developing and delivering innovative fabrication services and manufacturing services for storage tanks that can make a difference in the total cost of project. We believe that fulfilling this responsibility in a sustainable manner entails high ethical standards and a culture that values honesty, integrity and transparency in all that we do.

Our Mission & Vision

Since inception, NAWA has been guided by affirm philosophy that a company's main asset is the measure of trust that can be built with both suppliers and clients. Through this trust, reliability and confidence, NAWA role in the development of Iraq has enhanced it commitment to corporate excellence in all aspects of operations. Sound operational policies, a management team philosophy and the fostering of relationships with clients, suppliers, business partners and staff, collectively support NAWA's ability to meet client requirements.

NAWA's main objective is to continue contributing to the modernization of Iraq, with a focus on the needs of the coming century.

In carrying out our Mission is to become a world class organization through:

• Focus on our performance and practices to maximize cost effectiveness
• Safety and environmental responsibilities
• Value to the customer
• Innovative, motivated and competent employees

Our Values

Nawa Company Since 2010, our values are an important foundation for how we do business everyday with our colleagues, customers, and suppliers, to the environments we inhabit, and to the societies we serve worldwide.

We each take responsibility for doing the right thing.

Our Employee Code of Ethics creates a single set of requirements for how employees should behave. Our leaders are responsible for creating a working environment that encourages appropriate conduct and must lead by example in ethical behaviour.

NAWA   is We are trusted to deliver high quality works for our customers and consumers and to provide outstanding service., and to provide employees with meaningful work and advancement opportunities. Our success is built upon a distinct set of values that runs through all our diverse business activities.

We work together to achieve our shared goals.

We are one company worldwide, working collaboratively with each other and our customers and suppliers. Sharing ideas and using our diverse talents, backgrounds and experiences to handle challenging business opportunities makes us a more innovative and successful organization

We will always by focusing on quality & innovation , Being passionate about our customers, employees and the wider communities within which we work. We honor our commitments and conduct business in a responsible & sustainable way in line with our principles.


NAWA Company is managed by professional qualified and pro-activated personnel of different nationalities to achieve set objectives in a professional manner.

Further advancement and growth in management system in continuously imparted through specialized training programs sponsored by the company from time to time both in house & through external agencies. The company provides excellent working environment to achieve high productivity with safety and quality. Effective bilateral communication in the organization provides the people with the understanding to achieve overall project schedule with highest quality as a common goal.