Maintenance & Repair Storage Tanks

NAWA has been maintaining and repairing above ground, welded steel tanks. We provide maintenance and repair services to the petrochemical, biofuel, agriculture, and power markets From a single small repair to multiyear maintenance agreements, we can service your company’s needs.



NAWA regularly performs tank seal replacements. Optimally, we perform seal replacements when a tank is out-of-service. This is done for several reasons. First, in-service repairs are much higher risk because seals are installed on tanks which put off LEL’s, H2S, Benzene, and other dangerous vapors. Second, seal replacements take an extended period of time; consequently there is an increase in vapor exposure both to the environment and to our employees if still in service. Third, most seals cannot be replaced in-service because they require some sort of hot work to correctly install and tank fasteners that are often located in the product.


Primary & Secondary Seal Patching
Primary & Secondary Seal Fabric Reattachment
Fastener Replacement (Galvanized & Stainless Steel)
Shoe Seal Adjustments
Secondary Seal Retrofitting
Gauge Pole Seal Replacement


Demolition of Existing Primary & Secondary Tank Seals
Demolition of Foam Log Seals
Demolition of Wiper & Double Wiper Seals
Procurement & Installation Primary & Secondary Tank Seals
Procurement & Installation of Foam Log Seals
Procurement & Installation of Wiper & Double Wiper Seals
Removal & Replacement of Tank Seal Fabric (Teflon & Poly)


Fixed Roof Repairs & Replacements
Floating Roof Repairs
Tank Shell Repairs & Replacements
Accessory Repairs & Replacements
Foundation & Civil Services
Tank Jacking & Leveling

Floating Roof Repair

It is essential to have tanks that can be used to store varying products. We can take your cone roof tank and modify it to a floating roof for your changing work environment.

Today’s regulatory environment requires tank owners to evaluate emissions coming from their storage tanks. If it is determined that a tank needs to have emission reduction modifications made, NAWA can help. The solution may be as simple as adding a Geodesic dome, but if more dramatic reductions are required our team of engineers, project managers, and experienced craft can install a floating roof.


Internal & External Floating Roofs
Sunken & Collapsed Floating Roofs
Single & Double Deck Pontoon Floating Roofs
Floating Roof Tank Conversions
Pontoon Leak Repairs
Deck Lap Patches & Inserts
Inner and Outer Rim Repair or Replacement
Roof Leg Replacement & Additions
New Roof Drains & Sumps
Tank Seal Repair & Replacement
New & Repair Roof Drain Hoses
In-Service Tank Repairs


Fixed Roof Repair & Replacement
Shell Repair & Replacement
Accessory Repairs & Replacements
Bottom Repair & Replacement
Foundation & Civil Services
Tank Jacking & Leveling
Seal Repair & Replacement


NAWA repair crews can install patch plates, replace annular rings, remove and replace the tank bottom or install a secondary bottom. We understand that time is money and as long as your tank is out-of-service, it is not working for you. Our team will mobilize quickly, with knowledgeable crews. All work will be performed in strict accordance with API 653 and owner supplied specifications.


Cold Cutting Bottom Removal
Torch Cutting Bottom Removal
Contaminated Fill Excavation
Lap & Butt Welded Bottoms
Annular Ring Design & Installation
Secondary Bottoms With Concrete & Sand Spacers
Leak Detection Installation
HDPE Liner Installation
Cathodic Protection Procurement & Installation
El Segundo Style Bottom
Bottom Replacement
Secondary Bottoms Under Floating Roof
Floor Patching & Plate Replacement
Void Grouting


Fixed Roof Repairs & Replacements
Floating Roof Repairs
Tank Shell Repairs & Replacements
Accessory Repairs & Replacements
Foundation & Civil Services
Tank Jacking & Leveling