Insulation and Coating

Installation of mechanical insulation can involve a variety of piping systems and sizes, all operating under differing conditions and in differing environments within the same facility. Other insulated components often include: vessels, equipment, tanks, boilers, ductwork, precipitators, stacks, etc.

NAWA provide an extensive selection of insulation products and cladding types designed to service thermal, cryogenic, acoustical and production applications. We utilize new emerging technologies and materials to provide the best solution to meet the client needs.

NAWA offers the best insulation services for pipe, duct, storage tanks and thermal systems, thermal insulation coating for pipes, storage tank insulation systems, thermal insulation coating for metals, coating & wrapping of all types and sizes of pipelines, oil storage tanks, Oil storage tank roof insulation, insulation & coating of LPG Storage tanks, bowsers, thermal insulation coatings for all type of steel structures, We have experienced team of installation of pipelines for firefighting projects.

Hot Insulation

NAWA is a professional contractor for all type of insulation projects for, Industrial and Commercial sector.

NAWA Specialist in applying all type of Insulation material as Rockwool/Calcium Silicate/Ceramic Fiber etc and Jacketing material like Aluminum/Alloy metal/Stainless steel, using local/International certified material.

We are specialized in executing hot insulation and Jacketing for:

Engine exhaust pipes for Oil Rigs
Chemical Reactors
Boiler and associated pipes
Refineries and Petrochemical plants
Power and Desalination plants
Oil and Gas application.
Fire rated insulation for Bulkheads/Deck heads on Jack up Rigs

Cold / Cryogenic Insulation

NAWA execute all type of Cold / Cryogenic Insulation and cladding Projects . NAWA work with all type of cold Insulation material like cellular glass / fiber glass / Elastomeric rubber / Polyurethane / polyisocynurate and cladding material as Aluminum / Alloy metal / Stainless Steel.

NAWA Specialized in executing Cold/Cryogenic Insulation for:

Mooring Buoy
Liquefied Natural Gas Tanks and associated pipes
Liquefied Natural Gas Tanks and Vessels
Storage Tanks and Reactors
Refineries and Petrochemical Plants.

Acoustic / Personnel Protective Insulation

NAWA Provide Acoustic as well as Personnel Protective Insulation solutions to Industrial sector.

NAWA Offer design, material selection and Architectural Installation of insulation and Jacketing for Acoustic/Personnel Protective Purpose using local/International Certified Material.

Refractory and Brick Installation

NAWA Provide all kind of refractory hot resistance, Acid resistance, Abrasion resistance, and Fire resistance also Fire Bricks and high quality refractory new installation and repair services.

Our refractory technicians and masons have decades of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing refractoriness , firebrick, and fiber insulation in a broad variety of high temperature boilers and furnaces.

Sandblasting & Abrasive Blasting

Sandblasting is one of the oldest and most widely-used methods for heavy-duty cleaning. This process involves using pressurized air to propel grains of sand in a fine stream at high speeds. Sandblasting is used for all kinds of applications, most commonly for removing paint and heavy contaminants from metal and concrete surfaces. NAWA provides many industrial cleaning services, including sandblasting.

As sandblasting has become more commonly used, it has also been significantly improved to address safety concerns. When NAWA performs sandblasting services, we make sure to follow all appropriate industry standards and government regulations. We use the best silicate materials, dust collectors, breathing protection and protective clothing to ensure a safe environment for all involved.

Sandblasting can be used to etch smooth surfaces, allowing new paint to adhere effectively. It is also used to remove dirt, oil and other unwanted residue from all kinds of surfaces.

NAWA provides sandblasting services for:

Storage Tanks


Mold Remediation
Flood Damage
Paint Removal
Interior and Exterior Building Restoration
Heavy Equipment
Water Towers
Petroleum Tanks
Pressure Cleaning and Pressure Washing

Industrial Painting Services

NAWA can be your "one stop shop" for industrial painting and cleaning services. We provide convenient centralized billing and a team of support staff to ensure your project runs smoothly from the initial call to project completion & walk-thru. Also, if your company or corporation uses specific colors, our network of vendors can easily match those colors to make sure your facilities are consistent across the country.

NAWA offers a wide variety of industrial services to prevent or correct safety concerns as they arise. Our extensive in-house training programs focus on safety to ensure everyone on a jobsite goes home unscathed at the end of the day - both our employees & yours.

We also can keep your facility clean and safe with our maintenance programs for ceilings, walls, and floors. NAWA uses specialty coatings designed for Industrial wherehouses, food manufacturers, and many other industries.

Our range of Industrial Painting Services include

Industrial Painting
High Performance Urethanes
High Performance Epoxies
High Temperature Coatings
Industrial Dry Falls
Industrial DTM Acrylic
Industrial Enamel
Industrial Urethane
and more!

Tank Painting

Storage tanks, bins and silos are produced for an incredible array of purposes, and the key to their longevity is a quality paint job and expert maintenance. NAWA specializes in recoating and restoring older bulk storage tanks as well as painting new storage tanks and bins. .

In order for the paint on a storage tank or silo to last, three factors must be in place. NAWA begins every job with thorough surface preparation, including rust removal, scraping, power washing and/or sand blasting. Second, we choose the right product for each job, so that our paint will endure exposure to harsh weather. Finally, we take care to apply paint properly, using the best techniques and practices to ensure maximum paint performance on your storage bin or tank.

Power & Energy Plants

Power & energy stations are another industrial segment we excel in. Our clientele includes national, regional, and municipal power generating plants. Our corrosion/rust control surface preparation processes and coatings ensure long lasting protection from the elements as well as from coolants, chemicals, and everyday wear & tear on your structures, including:

Cooling units
Cooling towers
Structural steel
Pressure vessels
Exhaust vents & towers

Whether you are looking for rust protection, industrial cleaning, or concrete flooring repair & coating, NAWA is ready to answer the call to your maintenance needs.

Pipe Coatings

NAWA industrial painting services can cover all areas of your plant – and piping is no exception. We team up with our industrial coatings suppliers to recommend optimal solutions when it comes time to paint your pipes, valves, joints, pumps, & pipe racking.

Having a protective barrier on your piping & other steel components can have several benefits:

Thermal insulative – keeps the heat or cold inside the pipe saving energy & money
Heat reflective – keeps the contents of your piping cool by keeping the heat out
Corrosion/rust control – protects your exterior piping from moisture & rust

NAWA also offers OSHA color coding to identify the different materials running through the piping in your facility. OSHA has assigned the following colors to specific fluids and gases that your pipes may contain:

YELLOW – Flammable fluids & gases

RED – Fire-quenching fluids (sprinkler lines)

ORANGE – Toxic or corrosive fluids & gases

GREEN – All water

BLUE – All air

BROWN – Combustible fluids & gases

All other colors can be defined by each individual company based on their needs & which materials they use in their processes.

Another pipe coating service NAWA provides is directional stenciling – we can paint on descriptions and arrows showing which direction materials are flowing in a given pipe. This is extremely useful when pipes are leading to and from tank farms, and keeps your employees safer by identifying where they should be hooking up to.