High Pressure Tanks

At NAWA we can manufacture your custom designed pressure vessel to your exact specifications using carbon steel or stainless. Our capabilities allow us to construct horizontal and vertical vessels in cylindrical or oval geometries with a variety of supports (saddle, legs, skirt, etc.) in capacities ranging from 18,000 gallons to 65,000 gallons.

NAWA offers a variety of pressure vessel configurations; head configurations include reverse dished, elliptical, and hemispherical. NAWA pressure vessels and can include an epoxy, plastic, or thermoplastic internal lining for your specific storage material. Custom pressure vessels can be built up to 15.6 ft. in diameter, 60 ft. in length, and with wall thicknesses that range between 1/3” and 1-3/8”. At NAWA we build tanks weighing up to 60,000 lbs., with maximum pressure ratings of 1440 and operating temperatures up to 125°F.

A NAWA Pressure Vessel can handle a wide variety of process materials ranging from: air, acid, ammonia, coolants, bio-fluids, gas, hydrogen, steam, water, and oil. NAWA Tank and Fabrication is an ISO certified facility for fabricating products that are designed and constructed to meet the highest industry standards, including ASME and ASTM. We offer volume orders ranging from 1 to 500 pressure vessels and with lead times that vary from 24 to 100 days.