Steel Water Tanks

NAWA is a Fabrication Company in providing excellent welded steel water storage tank solutions. Our drinking water tank and fire protection tank not only can meet your varieties special application requirements, but also are cost-effective, which will greatly reduce your investment costs, increased your invisible comprehensive in your industry. Recommended by fire marshals, municipal water supply department, design consultants and engineers, NAWA can provide you the best selection of welded steel water tank, and we has the ability to guarantee reliable project management and delivery schedules.

Over the past several years, we have manufactured and sold multiple types of welded steel water storage tanks for industrial and domestic water supply, warehouse, school, fire protection, food industry, recreation facilities and residential developments. From the initial welded steel water tank calculation to the final installation, the product and services NAWA provide to you is elaborate and professional that will beyond your imagination, but these are our responsibilities.

Drinking Water Storage Tank

Drinking water storage tanks are used for the storage of purified drinking water for residential use, emergency water supply, temporary drinking water for industrial construction sites and commercial water use. Drinking water tank is mainly made from stainless steel or carbon steel. NAWA provide vertical drinking water storage tanks with strong durability, high quality and a wide range of capacities, which will best meet your storage needs.

Stainless Steel Drinking Water Storage Tank

Plastic , galvanized and concrete water tank enjoy wide application in the storage of water for drinking purpose. However, the water stored in those tanks is a not hygienic enough to drink, for the main material of those tanks is porous, which may give the chance for fungus and bacteria to grow. Thus, the safety of the drinking water can not be assured. Stainless drinking water storage tank, made from stainless steel with chromium, is popularly adopted as the drinking water storage facility with the following benefits.

• Ecologic-friendly and cost-saving construction
• Durable and strong, efficiently used in all kinds of weather
• Safe and relatively-easy operation offers easy access to drinking water
• Stainless steel surface releases no harmful materials to drinking water, ensuring drinking safety and water quality. Stainless steel material is 100% recyclable, guaranteeing a long-lasting service of life.

Carbon Steel Drinking Water Storage Tank

In order to prevent corrosion and ensure a long-lasting working system, Anson carbon drinking water storage tank design a variety of coating systems to form a barrier for both the interior and exterior surfaces of the tank.

The common anti-corrosion coating methods are urethane polymer membrane coatings and Baked-on epoxy powder coatings. Non-toxic bituminous clay compositions that permanently adhere to galvanized steel is also an effective coating method. Besides, Industrial grade acrylic enamel exterior coating systems is also applied in the protection of drinking water tank.

Water Storage Tank Standards

• With years of professional experiences, we can design water storage tanks complying with the following standards.
• NSF, UL, and AWWA: Protective Linings
• NSF/ANSI 61: Drinking Water Systems Component-Health Effects
• UL-1746: External Corrosion Protection Systems for Steel Underground Storage Tanks
• ANSI/AWWA D102-03 (Coating Steel Water Storage Tanks)

Fire Water Storage Tank

Fire water tank is in high demands as result of the increased lows and regulations for fire protection requirements. In a emergency firefighting situations, fire water tank will make a value contribution especially when the water demand of fire protection exceeds the supply available capacity of the areas domestic water feed line, and this is especially true for suburban and rural areas that rely on water from wells with limited water supply capacity.

Our fire water tank is an indispensable part for commercial, residential and institutional facilities. Whether it is taken as the sole source of water supply system in rural areas, or as the standby water supply system to supplement a pressurized municipal water system, or as devastated regions to supply water equipment in emergency situation, our fire water tank can provide you the most cost-efficiency, custom-design, and maintenance-free water storage solution.

Custom Fire Water Tank Design Flexibility

Our fire water tank designers can offer customers a wide range of design flexibility to meet special site condition, volume requirements, and esthetic demand. All of our fire water tank solutions can range from standard fire water storage tank to complex reservoirs and multi tank configurations. With years of experiences in fire water tank design and construction, we have accumulated a great mount of wealth to design and construct fire water tank with excellent structures that can provide adequate water storage quantities and simple and fast operation device in order to copy with various of emergency fire protection situations. Common accessories such as tank insulation, ladders, level indicators, access ports, platforms and walkways can also be provided.

Fire Water Tank Advantages

These fire water storage tanks are designed and fabricated strictly and normatively, in order to have the best performance to respond to emergencies. So that we have offered multiple advantages including the following:
• Lowest initial costs without sacrificing tank quality and durability.
• Long life with lowest total life cycle costs in the industry.
• Easy maintenance to make it easier for you to use.
• Quick installation to reduce potential cost.
• Personality color choice