Pre Fabrication Structure

We are specialists in the production and installation of labour camps based on individual modules, modular constructions and prefabricated buildings.

Our modules are designed for different sectors: construction and public works, mining, oil and gas services, industrial works, emergencies or military camps.

We are specialists in the construction of prefabricated warehouses for multiple uses made with metallic structures that form solid edifications in a short time and with a reduced cost.

NAWA can estimate the qualities needed for the steel structures in order to secure the resistance of the building to wind and snow overloads depending on the location. We guarantee the accomplishment of the CTE and other technical and local rules.

NAWA prefabricated warehouses can be custom-designed and the customer can choose dimensions, height, different types of panels for enclosure and roof, thermal and acoustic isolation, special carpentry, translucent sheets, etc.

NAWA is capable of executing various types of Projects in different countries at the same time.


Why Choose NAWA COMPANY  For Structural Fabrication?

NAWA goal is to deliver outstanding service and quality, without compromise, to tight deadlines.

We pride ourselves on a quick and extremely efficient onsite welding and fabrication process. This is essential because errors involving steel can prove both expensive and time-consuming. Luckily our team have decades of experience in the industry and are adept at not simply setting up structures from scratch but also rectifying the mistakes of any existing faulty processes.

Our state of the art technology includes an automated saw and drill line together with a plasma plate table. It also leads to a much speedier delivery for our clients as well as a high-quality finish and a product which any steel manufacturer in our sector would be proud to deliver.

In addition, all our equipment is British Standard approved and our yard compliant with up to date health and safety regulations. The skilled fabricators and welders we employ are all fully certified and regularly tested to comply with ongoing industry standards.

Because of the high volume of steel we currently hold in stock we are satisfied that we can guarantee a quick delivery of goods for the majority of projects – a fact that ensures we retain a steady stream of customers and have no difficulty attracting new business both locally, nationally and even globally.

On those rare occasions where we are unable to supply the necessary steel we are always happy to oblige when it comes to ongoing work and installation for our clients.


1.Prefabricated, fast and easy installation, time saving and labor saving.
2.Time Saving, convenient to assemble or disassemble.Fast construction and easy installation
3.Environmentally, recycle, no waste produced
4.High Strength, Can resists strong wind and heavy snow.Water proof, fire proof.
5.Long Life Span, can be used for more than 50 years.
6.Wide Span , single or multiple spans, can have a maximum span distance in 36m without middle columns.