Steel Tower

 NAWA has the capabilities, capacity and experience to manufacture and deliver the structural & steel products tower and related products you require from our facilities. We manufacture the structural towers for all terrains, environments and operating conditions. We are strategically located in the Iraq and Turkey area and have experienced teams in one place to design, produce and deliver on time and on budget.

Our facilities use the state-of-the art CNC lines to produce the angular or tubular sections with all the holes, notches and markings needed by the design.

Steel towers are fabricated according to international standards using Hot-Dip Galvanizing and paint systems compliant with ICAO requirements.Various structures (transformer foundations, handrails, fencing) for power and sub-stations, Equipment shelters for SCADA for Gas companies, Prefabricated Camps for Energy companies, Power Control Rooms.

NAWA owes its preferred identity in steel construction tower constructions, the job security products it produces, and an experienced team capable of working at high altitudes. We meet the high job security requirements of high-altitude project applications with our experienced technicians and experienced assembly teams who can produce high-altitude jobs.

We are ready to be the solution for both domestic and international projects with our infrastructure and engineering know-how that can meet the needs of every high-altitude project at a single point