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A General Trading and Construction Company in Iraq

 NAWA Company is a private company was established on 2010, based on Iraq, Basra, and Branch Office in Baghdad with Operation office in Turkey, Ankara.

NAWA dedicated to maintaining a long-standing presence in both the Iraqi and growing markets, and exploring new opportunities to expand its activities in the region. This is done through executions of and direct investments in projects, or in joint ventures with multinational partners. NAWA is involved in several diversified activities that encompass from commercial, industrial and construction projects in different areas of Iraq. We have the expertise to support your industrial plant’s process piping and structural steel fabrication, Blasting and painting Services plus the insulation of pipelines, chemical cleaning, installation and maintenance needs as well as water treatment projects. Our team is made up of professionals that are always capable of assist you and supply the best solution for your needs.


NAWA has been actively involved in civil engineering and construction projects for industrial plants and commercial residential buildings. From the beginning, Civil and Structural Engineering performed well, reaping the benefits of a rapidly growing construction sector. NAWA has broadened the scope of work in the construction industry, branching off into specialist disciplines including infrastructure work, pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete structures, sub-stations, pumping and power stations and reservoirs; each independent in function, yet all forming the core of activities.

By focusing on supporting the ever increasing need for expert mechanical engineering services, NAWA carries out EPIC projects in the areas of pipeline engineering, storage tank construction, plant assembly, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and plant shutdown services. Supported by its own comprehensive fabrication facilities, NAWA also undertake diverse mechanical engineering works. Backed up by a quality control and quality assurance inspection team NAWA ensures that all works complies with international standards and codes of practice.

NAWA provide the Stainless Steel Oil Storage Tanks, Steel Petroleum Storage Tanks, Chemical Storage Tanks, Stainless Steel Water Tank, Industrial Storage Tanks, Prefabricated Bolted Tanks, Iron Galvanize Stainless Steel Storage Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Tankage solutions, Diesel Tank, Fuel Tanks, Fuel Storage Tanks, High pressure tanks, press boilers, tanks, heat exchangers, industrial boilers, steam boilers, boilers maintenance services,

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NAWA offers a complete and integrated modular construction system designed to meet the critical needs and requirements of demanding clients. All construction is executed in accordance with internationally recognized standards such as UNI, DIN etc...

Our system is flexible and the standard ISO size units may be coupled in a number of ways to form virtually any type of building that may be required to fit the space and area available. Assembly of the units is very simple no specific specialized welding processes are required and the whole structure is bolted together so that it may in the future be dismantled and transported to a new location.

NAWA is also a leader in the construction of “Steel Frame Modular Housing / Camping Facilities” destined mainly, but not limited to, companies operating in the Oil & Gas sector, the Mining Sector, Peace Keeping Forces, Military and Civil Protection Agencies.


The supply scope is not restricted to the provision of simple accommodation facilities but includes: Recreation centers -Gymnasiums - Water treatment plants - Power generation required for both large & small scale camps/housing sites - Electrical & communication installations - Life support facilities such as mobile hospitals to large fully equipped hospitals...etc

Power Plant ( RO Filtration Plant )

Nawa provides full service installation, maintenance, repair and replacement parts for industrial and commercial water treatment systems. Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification technology that uses a semipermeable membrane to remove ions, molecules and larger particles from drinking water. Nawa offers preventative maintenance agreements to ensure that your Reverse Osmosis and pre-post treatment systems are functioning at peak performance.

An experienced engineer can work with you to develop a customized preventative maintenance schedule that is designed specifically for your water treatment system.

Nawa also supplies and installation the Distillery Plants, Waste water treatment plants, RO Ultra filtration plants, Biogas and Bio-ethanol plants, Simple cycle Power Plants, in Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical, Fertilizer, Petrochemical, Cement, Infrastructure and Allied industries sectors,.. etc

Steel Fabrication

NAWA is an experienced steel Fabrication and Engineering company which provides steel fabrication and steel erection of structural steel and associated steel works.

We offer services of pre-fabricated steel building or pre- engineered steel building and mechanical fabrication, fabrication of the component parts.In addition to storage sheds, waste water treatment plant, We offers project management, fabrication, mechanical manufacturing, product planning, erection, paint & maintenance workshop to build steel structure for warehouse, stores, workshops, dairy farms, power plants.

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Storage Tanks


Maintenance Warehouse


Supplying and Installation Water Power Plant

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Our Capabilities

Nawa is a General Trading and Contracting Company has the capacity and expertise needed to meet the client’s every service requirement on time and on budget and diversified its activities in line with the country’s growth requirements and achieved tremendous success in its specialty of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering and contracting, particularly in the oil and gas sectors. And has contributed in supplying and installation and maintenance all the material and equipment in the oil and gas field with pay attention to the Mechanical and fabrication works especially that concerning with storage tanks, cooling system , oil storage tanks, supplying and installation any kind of steel structures. We have qualified team for the installation of power plant (oil, gas , water) , Boilers , auxiliary structure, refineries , gas extraction plant LPG, fuel farm facilities for crude storage , fire system. Piping and fabrication… etc.’

Our Work


NAWA COMPANY is a professional Engineering company in Iraq has the capacity and expertise needed to meet the client’s every service requirement on time and on budget and diversified its activities in line with the country’s growth requirements.

Our Scope of Work included the following :

Pump Stations
Industrial Plants
Tank Farms
Petrochemical Plants
Power Plants 

Water Plants
Water Reservoirs
Insulation & Coatings
Steel Fabrication
Storage Tanks Manufacturer

Special Services

Chemical Cleaning,
Hydro-jet Cleaning,
Heat Exchanger Re-Tubing,
Cold Cutting,
Bolt Tightening / Tensioning ,
Heat Treatment ,

GRE Piping,
Blasting / Painting,
Protective Coating Services,
Construction equipment operations Offices and camp facilities,
Manufacturing of Steel Structures,
Housing Compounds and Catering.

Our Clients

A Complete Service For Any Kind Of Package


NAWA provide design, fabrication and installation service for every type of industrial and commercial insulation project. We will custom fabricate insulation for every project type, Our professional insulation team and experienced field supervisors are dedicated to providing exceptional service, with a proven track record in completing projects to specification, on time, and within budget.


NAWA has the capability to provide painting and blasting services. Consumables utilized are to customer specification. We provide Epoxy brush painting services which are widely preferred in petrochemical refinery and fertilizer industries. We also provide Airless Spray painting services to various industries. In spray painting, airless paint sprayers are used which is specially designed to paint large surface within short span


NAWA offers a pro-active approach to Chemical Cleaning. Our most up to date chemical cleaning technologies to remove residual oils, corrosion products, water hardness deposits, and other foulants from industrial process equipment.

With our “flawless execution standards”, provides our clients with guaranteed results